Having trained as a dancer for many years I wanted a form of exercise that had the same body awareness and complemented my training. I also had a weakness in my back brought on during pregnancy and wanted reassurance from a professional that I was doing the correct form of exercise to improve this and not antagonise it. Pilates fulfils all these needs for me, I can now maintain a core level of fitness which helps me not only in every day life but also in other fitness activities. I have been taught to use my body properly through correct breathing techniques and utilising the correct muscle groups for their intended jobs. I feel that by laying down these good ground rules now I will also benefit in later life. After an hour in the studio I come out not only walking taller but also with a clear and refreshed mind. The level of teaching and supervision is second to none and after 9 years of pilates I would be lost without it

F Gadsby




My interest in Pilates was triggered by a programme seen on television and I decided to give it a go. I did not want to embark on a course that was based on evening classes only during school terms and was fortunate enough to discover the services provided by Body in Mind Pilates.
I have found that the Pilates exercises have been enjoyable and have provided several benefits including a marked improvement in muscle tone, posture and flexibility.
After the basics have been mastered Body in Mind Pilates develop a routine to suit the student’s particular requirements at that time using a combination of mat work and equipment as appropriate (e.g. total body work-out, waist/stomach exercises, hip/thigh exercises etc.). This has been particularly useful for me as on occasions I have suffered from a lower back problem.
The surroundings at the studio are both pleasant and spacious and I have found the teachers to be pleasant, patient and professional in their approach allowing the students to progress at their own pace.
If asked I would not hesitate to recommend Body in Mind Pilates to anyone.


L Paget




After moving to Derby I began to attend Clinical Pilates sessions. Having dabbled in yoga before my injury, I felt very comfortable with the format and relaxed atmosphere of the class. Here it seemed was an enjoyable and safe way to exercise, using sound physiological principles, in order to build up muscles wasted by nerve damage and two years of inactivity. The teacher’s experience and expertise in rehabilitative work shone through and I was able to trust her enough to put myself totally in her hands.

J Winter




No wonder they call Pilates the “thinking” person’s exercise! It offers something for everyone and as a more mature person (and definitely NOT a size 8!) it has kept me flexible and provided my body with a necessary maintenance programme.
It has helped me make a speedier recovery after a badly sprained ankle and provided me with a friendly and very knowledgeable teacher who knows my body as well as I do. Well worth a try whatever your age, shape or fitness level.


P Vernon