Sports Specific Pilates Testimonials

I was recommended to try Pilates by my Osteopath as a method of strengthening my core. I had been suffering from a back injury for over a year and had little or no success with physiotherapy or trying to cope with the problem by myself. I have been with the Body in Mind Pilates studio for over two years and I cannot believe the transformation it has made to my body but also to the way I live my life.
I had suffered a great amount of pain and discomfort caused by the herniated disc in my lower back.



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  A Pilates programme is a more holistic approach to exercise and will focus on:
Greater range of movement
Increased muscle resistance and functionality
Injury prevention/avoid RSI
Core Stabilisation
Strong and lean abdominals to support the back
Joint Mobilisation
To aid better performance
For precision, timing and stability
Improve reaction times
More focussed performance

What happens in a pilates studio

Pilates promotes increased flexibility, muscle endurance, strength and proprioception, encouraging the body to move with ease and efficiency, combating common sports-related stress and injury.

Designed with the client’s goals in mind, Pilates sports programmes are aimed at developing better body awareness and musculo-skeletal balance in order to improve performance, prolong participation and avoid the return to or aid the return from injury.

Pilates can re-educate the muscle balance; identifying the weaker muscle groups from the stronger, more developed ones. There is a strong emphasis on developing the core muscles (abdominals, back muscles and pelvic floor) which support the spine and joints. The method improves mental clarity and the focus on breathing encourages increased lung capacity and supply of oxygen to the body. By approaching exercise in an anatomically more efficient way, Pilates can help to avoid injury and prolong exercise duration, therefore achieving greater, longer-lasting results.

By using an integrated approach and the fundamental Pilates principles, a Sports Specific programme develops strength and flexibility at the same time as creating a better mind-body connection.

Body in Mind offer a range of pathways into the method for clients who are looking to compliment and challenge their current training programme. A Sports Specific Pilates programme will integrate exercise in a range of areas to create a more balanced body, add challenge and increase endurance to a training programme.

A Body in Mind Sports Pilates Programme can help you achieve lasting and positive results. It can also benefit focus and mental clarity and aid in relaxation and recovery.

An initial sports based assessment is arranged with your Pilates Instructor and a goal-based programme is then developed. Clients can either join the instructor in the studio sessions or arrange individual 1:1 based work.

Body in Mind is currently working with a number of clients who have sports-specific programmes. These include exercises schemes to help: Climbing, Cricket, Cycling, Dance, Football, Golf, Horse-Riding, Ice Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Sailing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Tennis and Triathlon.

Whether you are a keen enthusiast or seasoned sports professional a Body in Mind Pilates Sports Specific programme can help you achieve the results you want.

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