I am pleased to acknowledge the excellent service provided by Body in Mind Pilates.

I have suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for approximately 10 years and, during that time, I have consulted leading specialists including advice on my back which has been the principal cause of pain and disability. I have not found any service that has given me the degree of attention and commitment, both in preparation for my sessions and execution of treatment. The planning has included studying my medical notes and developing an understanding of Parkinson’s Disease.

I look forward to further progress in alleviating the problems of my back and Parkinson’s Disease and wish to express my thanks for all the studio has done and are doing.

D Wigglesworth


I had been suffering with back pain for 15 years, during which the medical profession had tried everything in an attempt to help, including a lower spinal fusion, but in the end they informed me there was nothing more they could do as I had developed arthritis in my SI joints and had become intolerant to anti-inflammatory treatment.

It was then that my GP recommended I tried Pilates, as it had worked for his wife’s knee problem. I looked around at what was available, but joining a locally run large Pilates class wasn’t suitable for me, as I didn’t need it just to keep fit. It was then that a friend mentioned the Body in Mind Pilates Studio where they specialised in people with conditions like mine, where the exercise programs are individually tailored to suit your needs.

By this time I had been unable to work for 5 months and was in such a state that I could barely walk and was confined to the house for most of the time. My hobby (more of an obsession, I’ve been told) is gardening and I was unable to manage this activity at all and found it frustrating to see others doing it for me.

I booked my first session with the studio and was very nervous about attending, as I didn’t know what to expect, but the instructors are very friendly and have such confidence in what they are doing that you feel safe and relaxed during your time with them.

That was 20 months ago and I am now a different person. Pilates has taught me to understand my body and how to relax when in pain, as holding my whole body stiffly had been one of my major problems. I won’t claim that it has cured my problem, but the instructors at the studio have helped me to greatly reduce the pain and each session is based on how I am on that particular day, so if I am having a bad day, the session is aimed at reducing the pain rather that continuing with my programme. It still amazes me how they can tell me where I’m in pain just from looking at me.

Pilates has been a lifestyle change and I know that if I were to stop, I would be right back to where I was before and I like having my life back, which I wouldn’t have managed without.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Body in Mind Pilates Studio to anyone, what they do there really works. I would say to anyone who attends the studio: be patient, it doesn’t happen overnight, but if you put the effort in, under their guidance, then you will be amazed at the results.

M Brown

When I first started going to Body in Mind Pilates I was in a poor state. Any form of exercise, even a short walk, caused back pain and I relied on an osteopath to ‘fix’ me when things got really bad. At times I would drag myself through a day and I had very little energy.

Gradually over the last year with the help of Rachel and her team I have built up strength and stamina in my body through very simple exercises, both at the studio and at home. I have begun to understand my body and the relationship of my emotional state with how my back feels and I am now free of pain most of the time.

The greatest gift, however, has been that I have taken control of my back pain and I now know how to manage it myself, when it occurs. Pilates has become part of my daily routine, giving me the energy and strength to cope with the many challenges that life presents.

H Starczewski