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I am currently a freelance dancer and Pilates teacher. In January 1999 I had two Strokes, which left me with severe mobility impairments and unable to work in dance as before. Having done a little Pilates in my Dance training, I realised it could benefit me again. I started one to one sessions and quickly developed old neurological pathways and began developing new ones to replace those that were damaged during the Strokes. Within a year I was back in the dance studio and attempting to get back to some kind of dance fitness. My mobility has not just stayed stable, it is much improved. My recovery, aided by doing Pilates, has encouraged me to train in the method and to share the wonder of Pilates with others.


S Cave

Clinical Testimonials: Find out what our clients think

BIM Pilates currently
work with clients to aid:
Prolapsed discs
Hip problems
Knee issues
Back problems
Sacro-iliac Dysfunction
Rehabilitation after surgery
Joint Problems
Rehabilitation after stroke
What happens in a pilates studio

Pilates can be used as a fantastic tool for rehabilitating an injury or postural issue.

The Pilates approach to exercise combines the use of mind and body. Exercise is undertaken in a relaxed and balanced way, encouraging movement with ease, rhythm, control and strength: perfect for coming back after injury or for combating postural issues.

The Method uses an intelligent approach to address musculature imbalance, re-educating the body and pinpointing weak areas. It helps stabilise the muscles to support the body more efficiently, freeing tension elsewhere. Core stability is paramount and aids in combating back problems.

A Clinical Pilates programme promotes an increase in flexibility, muscle endurance, strength, balance and proprioception, creating a stronger body with a real sense of harmony and equilibrium. The technique also improves breathing which in turn increases energy levels, mental clarity and alertness. Tailor-made programmes are created for the individual utilising the specialised Pilates equipment which uses variable resistance to accommodate all body types.

Many issues and problems can be helped with Pilates. Sports specific and dance-evolved Pilates exercises help professional athletes to aid their recovery and remain injury free during the course of their training.

The Body in Mind Pilates Fundamental Principles

Pilates is increasingly used by health professionals such as physiotherapists to aid rehabilitation and Body in Mind Pilates™ work alongside a number of registered health therapists regionally and nationally to deliver a high standard of service and keep up to date with current practise. There are a number of locally based allopathic or complementary health care professionals who refer clients to Body in Mind Pilates™ Ltd to aid their rehabilitation.

At Body in Mind Pilates we can work in conjunction with your practitioner to help assist you in your recovery and help to create a more injury free body.

Pilates is a great tool for rehabilitation. It has particular success for back conditions, as there is a strong focus on segmental stability of the spine which helps bring control and strength to the injured area. Attention is also paid to general torso and core stability which means that the body has a chance to recover from its injured state and the muscular imbalances caused by the injury can then be addressed.

Pilates can be used when recovering after most forms of surgery as it can help to re-build the body’s strength in a safe and effective way. In less acute issues we would work on a rehabilitation program to help heal and assist your recovery and also assist towards preventing future injuries. It works to improve your muscle strength and endurance as well as addressing general co-ordination and balance.

Body in Mind Pilates will also look at any postural or alignment imbalances that you may have to help you move away from pain and towards a body that is stronger and more balanced.

Phone 01332 554551 to make further enquiries or to book an individual assessment.

The Old Stables Studio, Unit 1 Abbey Yard, Darley Abbey, Derby DE22 1DS. TEL 01332 554551
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